Seva Project Locations:
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Boston, Massachusetts

City: West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Dates: October 2014 - present

Background: West Roxbury is a small city southeast of Boston, MA. We run our program in Curtis Hall Community Center near downtown West Roxbury; the center serves many students who attend school in East Boston and West Roxbury. Students in our program are very passionate about soccer and sports, but are also eager to learn about technology and entrepreneurship. The schools in the area are unable to support computer science and business education to their middle school-age students.

Activities: In fall of 2014, Seva collaborated with America SCORES, a national non-profit that creates soccer leagues for students in urban areas to create an after-school technology and entrepreneurship program for 8-9th grade girls. Every week, volunteers from Wellesley College and MIT run workshops. In one workshop, the students have made business plans for startups that they would like to start in their communities. With the support of the MIT Media Lab, our students will be learning how to make mini circuits that can trigger multi-colored LED lights. We are also working with a local startup, ND Bots, that has created easy-to-learn 3D printing technology specifically for students. We will be learning 3D printing basics in our workshops and going to the NV Bots offices for a field trip!

Goals: We hope to continue to find more creative, meaningful ways to teach technology and entrepreneurship. We also hope to partner with more local startups and businesses like NV Bots.

How you can help: We can always use more volunteers; if you're a student in the Boston area interested in joining the team, let us know! We also seek funding that will enable us to build the field and procure workshop materials. Please visit our support page to learn more about how to support our efforts, or contact us if you have more questions.